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The limbo bar for global leadership is pretty high.

Meaning: I should have invested some more time running for U.S. presidency this year considering the 2016 presidential #1 draft picks are so weak.

Fortunately, I’ve spent $0 running for president and… I have a more well-rounded life-education than the current candidates…and my personal health crushes the top competitors.

Wali-G. Write in. 2016 what the fuck

Keep the pace!

One thing I recognized in third grade when I looked around my class room: only 4 out 20 of the kids in my class seemed capable of “making it” and becoming successful when we would enter the work world.

Over the next 10-years, I watched kids “disappear” to other schools and institutions, kids burying themselves with no social-awareness, kids not being able to learn the class material…generally, just not conforming to what school and society wanted of them in their adult years.

Some weren’t bright, some didn’t care, some were too busy living a life of hell at home,…some didn’t seem like they were from the planet.

Whatever the case, the idea and awareness that you need to take care of the “weak” was impressed upon me at an early age at Saintsville Catholic School. It is obvious that there are people that just won’t fit into what The System demands in order to be successful and make a good life.

Since the 1980’s, I’ve seen society become better at taking care of a wider and wider group that will not fit into the economic world. Technology has further dropped the need for labor making the job market tighter for the folks that just can’t get it.

The elderly are working longer into their golden years just to make sure they will be able to life the free and shiny lives they’ve been promised in the last 60-years.

Meanwhile, there are also the military Veterans, after going to the lands of combat, somehow have to bring their hyper-awareness and hyper-vigilance from war back to parts of the US that have never experienced such things.

As a general statement, there is a need to help these folks.

“The nation has made a great efforts to helping the poor.” said Ronald Haskins (6/5/12).

The problem, I believe, is not just about money and handouts. Like many problems in the US, its the cultural perspectives that have hindered us as a country.

The working-community needs a lot of help in general redesign.  Here are just a few questions I like to think about:

1. Why are some people working 70-hours a week and others only 10 (or none)? People have different demands (do to age, motivation, health, family) for what kind of work and how much work. Why must we demand people to work over 40-hours a week if they hate their job and/or their job is unhealthy for them?

Lack of HR skills in America seems to be to blame for the Post Office. I have a hard time believing, with all the high-paid office personnel and their nifty software, that the Post Office can’t figure out how to hire, teach, and plan a schedule that fits the needs of its diverse work staff.

I’ve seen “lack” in other areas of the work world too. Small businesses lack strong HR skills (or a good HR model to follow…like a reformed Post Office might offer).

2. Why are we working our lives away for shareholders and management?

Some people are rocking good lives finding and following their purpose. Money is secondary.

Meanwhile, another group of people are watching their lives waste away for some shareholder or owner who’s only concern is a bigger profit line.

3.  Why don’t people just start a business and follow their purpose?

Even though some workers have the income to create small businesses and follow their purpose while creating jobs, potential entrepreneurs are shackled by overwork and don’t have the time to put into developing a business.

4. How does a person live a good life?

That is at the heart of all of social design (or should be).

In our quest to be “independent and free” by chasing money, we have neglected our family and community obligations as humans. There is plenty of evidence that the best lives, the happiest lives, the fullest lives, are rooted in helping and supporting others.

The type of work a person engages in is also an important point to think about. As part of our development as humans we need to work, but it needs to be the “right” work that helps a person actualize themselves.

A person needs food, shelter, and clothing as their basic needs, but then they need the right challenges in their day to elevate themselves.

5.  What can be done?

What really is needed at the end of the day is motivating leaders, inspired citizens, good alternative models for living productive lives, and a bigger sense/responsibility for Team America and our role as a shaper of the 21st century global community.

Just remember we all have weaknesses, so there needs to be a plan for all of us.

Pre-qualified for staking a claim happened today on this day of a full moon and lightning.

Found a nice little 7-acres for my Minnesota Ag Ops today for 2017. The 5th part of “Wali-G’s Ag Ops” has begun. I hope to put in an offer that gets accepted next week and call this property home/work. It even has two trees.

This would cap a decade and a half drift around North America, Europe, and Afghanistan. It should have positive ripple effect for my followers and supporters.

Drifter to farmer.

Strangest coincidence of the day was when I drove up to the property 101.1 FM was playing the “8th of November.” That song is a about a South Dakota-kid with the 173rd paratroopers in the Vietnam War and the trials of being in a major battle.

As an Army buddy said, “that’s a sign.”

Time to sign some papers and stake a claim.

Walking for president this year are two parties with candidates that have proven less than presidential material. In one party, you have a reality show personality that has a business background, but has lost his mind in terms of being a respectable representative of the United States.

An even worse party choice is some ego-driven lawyer that has a scandalous history worthy of federal indictment. The only business she has conducted and a created jobs for has been the business of politics. Shady as fuck.

Both these 20th century dinosaurs are scary. Between these two candidates, America is wondering which anti-christ we should give our blessing.

The nature of their campaigns is sickening. The amount of money spent on campaigning is sickening. The political rhetoric on both sides, with nothing but promises and no plan, is scary.

As I sit here, wondering which is the lesser evil, it makes me want pick up a clip board and start gathering a few thousand signatures to become an independent candidate for president. Considering all the mistakes these two candidates have made in the past year, I feel that a common-citizen candidate that has learned from their mistakes might actually have a chance at walking for presidency.

I have plans, leadership, and a general understanding of what is needed to make America great again. I’ve have lived at all levels of the economic spectrum. I have an understanding of agriculture economics. I’ve served in the military.  I understand the importance of diversity, liberty, and freedom.  I’ve grown up in entrepreneurial family.  I know the importance and true value of a life well-lived and a healthy environment.

I know what entails a “sustainable” America.  I understand people, planet, and profit.

Who wants to walk with me?

Just got back from a great time in the Minnesota north.
Spending time with family on a good plot of earth.
Adopted homeland because of the company’s worth.
Just got back from a great time in the Minnesota north.

If you missed it

Beer tasting circle, grilled vegetables

Bacon, sausage, and brisket
Turkey, salads, and bloody mary’s

Dilly beans were very, very, very, very…

Next year in 2017,
Bring more of the tune scene
Instruments and sing along
Another perfect after noon
Making music when the competition isn’t on.

Just got back from a great time in the Minnesota north.
Spending time with family on a good plot of earth.
Adopted homeland because of the company’s worth.
Just got back from a great time in the Minnesota north.

“Wali-G’s Minnesota Ag Ops” continues in Rock County. Most my time has been dedicated to my new job at the Rock County Land Management office, but there has been some good crossover between work and my market-garden. Most things that I am learning at the job are directly related to agriculture, so it has been an excellent gig for furthering my future agriculture plans.

In the garden, I’ve been averaging about 10-hours a week. It’s been more therapeutic than profitable, so I count this time as a “win.” Zucchini, purple beans, onions, cucumbers, dill, and peas have made it worth the effort as they have produced enough to share with my friends and family in the neighborhood. Peppers and tomatoes are still growing and should be ready in the next two weeks.

Last year at this time, I was close to finishing canning. This year, however, I’m just beginning. This past week I canned only 7-pints of pickled peppers.

My “plan-B,” to make up for lower-than-expected output is to acquire excess vegetables from local gardens. As growing/canning season continues, many people get tired of their cucumbers and tomatoes and many times let them rot in the garden. Harvesting this excess and putting it to use is payment enough for many gardeners.

Perhaps buying this excess produce should be part of future Ag Ops too. Many people don’t want to market their vegetables, so doing this work for them might be appealing to some small producers.

This past fall my high school buddy, gave me books pertaining to Guns N Roses (GNR) bassist, Duff McKagan, and GNR guitarist, Slash. This made for good research on how to reunite GNR. has been joking about helping get Guns N Roses back together. We’ve been conducting sociological research to figure out how to bring “team cohesion” back to a rock band with not-so-positive team dynamics.  Perhaps there is a chance that GMR might get back together again.

Driftless in Minnesota.  It’s been a couple of months and I’ve settled into a long term commitment to Southwest Minnesota.  A solid job with purpose (water and land management for Rock County) has reigned in my attention.  Honestly, I thought the drifting would stop due to finding the right woman.

Maybe I’m just getting old.  I have definitely found contentment.  A bed in a peaceful place.  A car that gets me to work with no hassles.  A job that pays a living wage and has health care benefits.

No need to hitch hike.  No need to fight city traffic.  No need to carry a gun.

I’m sure there will be battles and struggles in the small town life, but it nice to live a semi-normal life once again.

Thumbs up to Larry Longfellow for making drifterRadio more secure from marauding spambots.  He once again came to code-rescue to keep drifterRadio somewhat respectable on the world wide web.

Though the drunken babbling of non-intelligent electronic marketing tools (spambots) could be interesting, it was definitely annoying to sort through the e-jibberish.